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This is a page where you can find information regarding the Dining Hall App

**If you are having problems, update to the latest version first!!!**

You can find my Dining Hall App for Android here: Google Play Link (Formerly known as the Android Market)

If you have your phone with you, you use this QR code here.

Why use this app? It's faster than browsing to the UCLA website, and more stable. It also includes a handy dandy swipe calculator. AND you can pick what day to look at! (Check out tomorrow's menu even)

How to use this app:

The date selector in the front selects the date you want to view. Click the button that represents the dining hall you want to check out after making sure the correct meal period is selected (Lunch or Dinner). The app should save that date's menus, so if you want, you could save up future menus as well. If you want to clear the saved menus, click more, then select "clear database".

Last but not least, please rate, review, and recommend to all of your friends! I've put in a lot of work on it.

1.How does this app work?
Simple. Just select the date (default is usually today, you can check) and make sure the meal period is the time you want. Hit the dining hall and BAM there's the menu!

2.Why are there ads? I hate you?
I was experimenting with ads, and thought it would be neat if UCLA had an ad supported menu that donated proceeds to charity.

3. I'm allergic to ads. Screw you!
Sorry. There's an ad-free version.

4. The iphone is better. Why are you wasting time with an inferior device?
Several reasons: 1. I have an android phone. 2. Android development costs are wayyyyy cheaper 3. A majority (over 50%) of smartphones are Android phones.

5. Your app is the greatest! Or so I heard. WILL YOU MAKE AN IPHONE VERSION?
Sorry, I don't have the money at the moment. If someone would supply me with a dev account (or let me use a dev account) I would be happy to port it over, it seems like it would be fun to learn.