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This is a page where you can find information regarding my Shelling's Segregation Model simulator

You can download it here: Schelling.exe (For Windows)

Pic of Program

Description of how it works:

The Schelling model of segregationm is a model that attempts to explain the phenomenon that while people in urban environments are generally tolerant of other cultures , there tends to be neighborhoods of exclusively one ethnicity. Why isn't there more mixing?

This is a simulator, using agent based modeling. The rules are simple. "Households" are represented by squares and placed all over the board. Each color represents an ethnicity. Since each house is on a grid, they will have a maximum of 8 neighbors (like a tic-tac-toe board and the house in the middle has 8 neighbors). The tolerance sets how tolerant they are- if the number of "different ethnicity neighbors" (different color) exceeds this tolerance level the household will move to a different location randomly.

The percentages sets the percentages of each ethnicity, and note that about 10% of the spaces are blank so it's easier to "move".

Schelling won a Nobel prize in 2005 for his work. If you're interested in more reading, you can check out:

Schelling, Thomas C. 1971. "Dynamic Models of Segregation." Journal of Mathematical Sociology 1:143-186.

I encourage you to play with the program, but if you're curious, you can find an example of Southern California run on this program (because it's random, every run will be different) here. The blue color represents Caucasians, the red Hispanics, the yellow Asians, and the green African-Americans.

Please do not run any .exe files you do not trust. These files were compiled by my laptop and windows shouldn't ask you anything other than whether you want to run them.